There’s a scene in Jurassic Park that’s etched in movie history — you know the one I’m talking about — ripples appearing in two glasses of water on the dashboard of a car that ominously announce the arrival of the hulking, roaring T-Rex. This scene is hyper accentuated in 3D through Steven Spielberg’s restored version of this monster movie classic that arrives in cinemas this weekend to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The 3D here isn’t gimmicky, it’s really just an excuse to celebrate this much-loved gem on the big screen once again. Amazingly, the special effects hold up even today, two decades since the film first released.

Fanboys will recount every step of this story, where a group of scientists and two kids are introduced to an ambitious theme park-like island where a billionaire has recreated prehistoric dinosaurs through some strange quirk of DNA fate. But before you can say brontosaurus, the dinosaurs start running wild and the humans must outwit them for survival.

Scenes like the one where a velociraptor chillingly turns the handle of the door to a pantry still has that hair-raising effect… It’s a Spielberg classic, and here’s your chance to revisit it on the big screen!


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