22 years ago Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton shattered box-office records and instilled the fear of god in some kids with Jurassic Park‘. Now, two decades and two ho-hum sequels later, the producer and the studio is back with the fourth installation on the ancient reptiles. Only this time, its scarier, nosier and more meaner than ever. What they’ve created with this film is undoubtedly the most vigorous and ghastly attack on the senses of the viewers aided by top notch CGI and implausible VFX. What you expect to be a pessimistic, action-packed cheesefest actually turns out to be a modernized dino-epic with a wicked streak.

Humans always have a tendency to outsmart Mother Nature, and Colin Trevorrow has shown this in the mostbarbaric way possible. ‘No one’s excited about dinosaurs anymore’, said the poor little Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) in the opening scene of the film, a thought that might’ve crossed the minds of the audience and the studio as well. But this time, Jurassic World has had a corporate rebranding. There are dinosaur petting zoos, gargantuan sea monsters leaping out of the clear blue waters to amuse the audience and some even give you a piggy back ride. But one over-ambitious failed experiment and it all goes up in flames. The signs were all there. Right from the beginning. The subtle references to the prequels, the nerdy operator wearing the ‘Jurassic Park’ shirt and the yellow-taped area with the stench of blood shed in the past. Despite being slightly predictable at times, Jurassic World will not fail to surprise you and make you jump out of your seats.

The first half displays the same dramatic lightness as the prequels, but leave it to Chris Pratt to spice things up a bit. With his Star-Lord looks and affection towards the carnivorous beast, he aces it as an action hero. One might even say, he successfully managed to channel the inner Indiana Jones within him. Irrfan Khan also successfully manages to play the role of the flamboyant entrepreneur Masrani with enough screen time and a few good action sequences. Despite the harrowing scenario that was playing out in the background, he’ll crack you up with his witty remarks and silliness. 

Why you should watch this film?
Jurassic World will definitely entertain you after the last two extra, extra large and mildly disappointing sequels. This film definitely captures the Spielbergian factor of horror and wonderment, added with Trevorrow’s sense of self-reflecting humour and chaos. And in world of panic and joy, Trevorrow, Pratt and the monstrous Indominus Rex make quite a team. 

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By Ekta Shetty