Last Vegas is the story of four 70-ish friends, popularly known as the Flatbush Four in their youth – bachelor Billy (Michael Douglas), widower Paddy (Robert De Niro), divorced Archie (Morgan Freeman) and long-married husband Sam (Kevin Kline). They have been best friends for almost six decades. But with each passing year, they find the spark missing in their lives, that was once in full swing during their glorious days, to the fullest, on the streets of Brooklyn.

The group’s sworn bachelor, Billy proposes to his 32 year-old girlfriend (Bre Blair) and they decide to tie the knot at Sin City – Las Vegas. But what comes ahead of any wedding? A bachelor’s party! So the four friends head to LA with a plan to enjoy their 72 hours of freedom and break away from their daily monotonous routine. What follows is to be watched. Do the foursome really have some fun in Sin City? Will Billy end up marrying a girl who is almost half his age? You’ll get your answers when you watch Last Vegas. Anyway, this flick is a mini-adventurous excursion, where old scores will be settled, lessons learned, and fences mended.

Talking about the structure and the narrative of the movie, it is a conventional and predictable plot. You’ll realize the details of the movie 10 minutes into it, but the good news is – the movie moves fast enough that there is no scope for a sagging tendency. Throughout, the movie has been well-balanced with humorous elements but unfortunately, most of them are misses rather than hits, so the ones that are genuinely very humorous, comes out really well.

Though the movie wants to deal with some serious issues like old age, loneliness, and the value of meaningful relationships, none of them have been offered enough space in the script, hence not letting the issues be connected and felt by the audiences.

Keeping everything aside, the movie features four exceptionally-talented actors, adding a dash of special charm and professionalism to the movie. De Niro, as the grouchy and intense Patty, Douglas, as the intense-yet-slippery Sam, Freeman, the dignified and playful Archie, and Kline as Billy, always grateful for the attention, did a spectacular job and did justice to their characters.

Don’t be surprised or disappointed if you don’t find an emotionally-engaging movie experience with Last Vegas. It is a lot of naughtiness but shown in the most-subtle form. 


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