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The Legend of Tarzan: Film Review – Not Meant for 3D

Verdict: A new take on the classic tale, which is mystical yet falls short of wow moments.

Many filmmakers have taken inspiration from the classic tale of a feral child – the one who was raised by apes, and who grows up to be known as Tarzan, the lord of the jungle. This time the director of the famous Harry Potter series, David Yates brings us the rehashed version of this classic called The Legend of Tarzan. This film stars Alexander Skarsgård as John Clayton aka Tarzan and Margot Robbie as Jane Porter, Tarzan’s wife.

The story begins by establishing that Tarzan has already become a legend and has now moved to his lush Greystoke estate with his wife. While he is away from the wild, massive developments have taken place in the Congo. This has made everyone wonder about the intentions of King Leopold II of Belgium, who holds the command over that region. In order to take care of the king’s dealings, mastermind Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz) is appointed. That’s when Dr. George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) comes into the picture. He convinces Mr. Clayton to go back to the jungle for investigating and collecting evidence of whatever is cooking in the Congo.

With that, the movie takes you to the core of the jungle and gives you the taste of the wild. However, you may feel that the visual effects and the action sequences could have been better, as they don’t give you that adrenaline rush you would expect while watching an adventurous movie. Yates has also neatly timed Tarzan’s and Jane’s flashbacks that give you a glimpse of the original story, which creates the foundation of this story. Alexander Skarsgard, with his brooding looks and versatile acting skills, does justice to his character, while Margot Robbie successfully manages to play the role of an empowered wife of the Tarzan. Samuel Jackson, on the other hand, kills it by adding a dash of wit and comedy to the film.

Why should You Watch this Film:
Watch this film because it's been too long since you watched the original. This film takes a step forward and shows you what happened beyond the original plot. Also, the adventures of Alexander Skarsgård and Samuel L. Jackson will keep you entertained.