It’s spring, or what passes for spring in India. That means, it’s the season of love. With that in mind, we have the diabetes-inducing, sickly-sweet romance films. Of course, there are some films that showcase the true course of love. But Love, Rosie isn’t one of them. This film is a tiresome, trite and torturous misadventure of true love. We aren’t drawn into the romance, nor do we feel the passion or the pain or the despair of love. Directed by Christian Ditter and starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, Love, Rosie manages to pass off as an emetic. 
Set over a period of time and focused on two ‘friends’, Love, Rosie gets the plot going by showing how two best friends are perfect for each other. But neither of them can get the timing right. Either one of them is dating someone else or inconveniently married to someone else or has a child on the way or any other myriad craziness that makes up life. Lily Collins plays Rosie, a young woman who seeks love but can’t seem to find it, even though it is staring her in the face. Sam Claflin plays Alex, the best friend who just can’t seem catch a break. Love, Rosie is all about Rosie and her quest for her perfect guy. 
Love, Rosie tries too hard to connect. In short, you are left with the notion that there should be passion, some romance, atleast something that makes us go ‘aww’. Lily Collins isn’t convincing as Rosie. All we get from her is quivering lips, bushy eyebrows and quizzical looks. Sam Claflin is the smiling goofball, whose life we have no clue about. He is shown as the ideal guy, but heck, no one can figure out why he is so sad. Maybe they decided to make him the blonde in this movie. The supporting cast are just there, just helping the story plod along. There are some funny lines in the script, but you’d be hard pressed to laugh genuinely. Most of the time, you’d find them funny because the pain of the story just drills into the front of your brain. The biggest complaint could be, lack of passion. A complete dearth of it in fact. A romantic movie without the romance, is just a movie about complaining and whining. That’s what will go through your mind. It did for me. The camera work was shoddy, with frames shaking and out of focus, you’ll wonder “what sorta cut-rate production is this?” The soundtrack is passable, due to the collection of good music. Also you will enjoy an old cellphone’s cameo. 
Why should you watch this film
Just for a laugh, or a bet. The locations are beautiful whenever they are in focus. Lily Collins is okay on the eyes. And for the girls, we have ripped guys. It is passable for a Valentine’s Day film, if you don’t have any other plans.  

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