A tale set in a land far away, where a princess awaits her true love’s kiss and a happily ever after that follows every time, here’s a story that probably runs along the same lines, but still manages to be different. Maleficent is her name, an amalgamation of magnificent and malevolent, perhaps. Angelina Jolie springs back to glory with her role as a kind fairy who is forced to turn into an evil witch, who shall only be appeased once she has sought her revenge. This film has no hero or a heroine, but a beautiful antagonist, who carries the film on her shoulders and horns with as much evil as the role would require. So much so, that a sudden change of heart may appall you to a certain extent. Sadism is the norm, possibly. When one revels in another’s misery. 

Based on The Sleeping Beauty, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, and the Disney film by the same name, that released in 1959, Maleficent chronicles the tale from the other side of the hedge. It would be a far-fetched idea for some to believe that a much-loathed villain could also have a reason strong enough to be pushed to the dark side. You may find yourself drawing comparison between this film and the last three episodes of the Star Wars series. It was a wonder to understand why Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker became the man so formidable. Angelina Jolie, has quite the same effect on her viewers. With prosthetics, makeup and a costume so close to the animated character, she carries herself with grace and poise. She is the vamp who you are in awe of. As Maleficent, the actress seems to have bounced back onto the bandwagon and seems to be raring to go. And that’s not all, her change of heart from evil to kind is disconcerting at first, but equally heartwarming towards the end. 
For all those who have been following films from the Disney Studios of late, will find a close resemblance to another film that ended on a similar note. The search and revelation of the one who can break the spell on the princess in question. Like always, it’s beautiful to know the true meaning of true love’s kiss, that does not have to depend only on the conventional ideas that we are so conditioned to. 
Richard Stromberg, credited with some exemplary work with visually-enhancing the films he has worked on in his career span, does wonders with this film too. After all, what joy would it be to have a dull outlook to a story such as this? 
Why should you watch this film?
The film is Angelina Jolie all the way, from the story to her acting to her menacing ways, the actress gives her audience more than one reason to a make a beeline to the theatres. One can’t help but notice how beautiful Elle Fanning has grown up to be. As Princess Aurora, she does justice to the role. Plus, to add the cherry on the top, is the visually-pleasing cinematography and of course, the magic that lies beneath. 

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