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Maze Runner: The Death Cure: Film Review – A Worthy Finish

Verdict: A high-stakes action thriller that finishes strong. 

The final part of the Maze Runner trilogy – The Death Cure – is finally out after a long wait of over two years. Dylan O'Brien is back as Thomas, as he fights the villains to find and protect the ones he cares for, even as civilization collapses around them. 

What's Maze Runner: The Death Cure About:

If you've been following Thomas on his adventures through the previous two films, you already know that this is where it all ends. For those of you who haven't, Thomas and his friends were subjected to a maze and other trials in order to find the cure for a deadly virus – The Flare, which they were immune to. The cure for this has been researched by a government agency called WCKD (which is a terrible name for someone who is trying to save everyone) and they finally seem to be on the brink of a breakthrough. 

Unfortunately, they didn't treat the immune kids well, which led the group to revolt and escape. They find another group whom they bond with during The Scorch Trials. But Thomas's friends from the maze aren't safe. Minho (Ki Hong Lee) is still in the clutches of WCKD and Thomas is determined to rescue him. His search leads him to WCKD Headquarters, which is located in The Last City, that's exactly what it sounds like – the last city that exists in a world overrun by zombies. 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure review - BookMyShow

What Works:

The film doesn't take long to find its energy. It starts with an action sequence of stealing away a part of the train. And this isn't the last ludicrous plan that works. Thomas's search for Minho is a long one, filled with more ambitious escape plans and suspicious alliances with known and unknown people. 

But The Death Cure isn't just about the action. It has strong emotional beats that reverberate within the young cast. Thomas and Newt's (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) friendship makes a strong relationship that rivals his complicated romantic one with Teresa (Kaya Scodelario). Teresa's motives remain uncertain to the end. She had previously chosen to side with WCKD and betray the others and she seems likely to do it again. The lead scientist of WCKD, Ava (Patricia Clarkson) finally shows her empathetic side while WCKD's highest official, Jansen (Aidan Gillen), makes a fine despicable villain who will not stop until he kills Thomas. 

The special effects in this film are also brilliantly created, considering the film's budget of 60 million dollars and its long delay in production due to the lead actor's injury. The Last City, especially, is a marvel to behold – a shining fortress held secure by mighty walls that are hundreds of feet high, which are reminiscent of the maze in which the main characters were trapped in the first film. 

And lastly, the stakes are high – it is the final film, and death is a possibility for the main characters. This makes the third act all the more satisfying as you see our heroes rushing to escape The Last City. It all leads to a perfect finale to the series that is so stirringly emotional, it might even move you to tears. 

What Could Have Been Better: 

The script lacked believability in certain parts. But once you stop caring too much about some choices made by the characters and the villains' inability to aim right, director Wes Ball creates an engaging world, where the characters are everything. 

Why You Should Watch: 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the finest Maze Runner film yet that doesn't need much background information to be enjoyed. It goes further than a dystopian young adult thriller by packing action and strong emotions without unnecessary fluff. This will certainly cure your boredom.