Verdict: This old-fashioned war drama is made modern with convincing CGI.

One of the most pivotal periods in human history, World War II has been the subject of many a Hollywood movie. Now, director of Independence Day and 2012, Roland Emmerich is set to take us through a prominent chapter of that war. Following the historic Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, The Battle of Midway was one of the most significant ones of that time. Midway takes us through that very battle featuring a noteworthy ensemble including Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Dennis Quaid, Woody Harrelson, Nick Jonas, and Mandy Moore, among others.

What’s Midway About:

In the midst of World War II tension, one day changed the tide of the war in the Pacific. It was December 7, 1941, when Japanese fleets attacked Pearl Harbor, waging war against America. This led the way for the pivotal four-day Battle of Midway in June 1942 between the American and the Imperial Japanese Navy. As both powers battle to stand their ground, this film will give you a look at the valour and determination of the real-life fighters in the cockpit, the war rooms and the intelligence community who led the way for one of the most important victories of World War II.

What Works:

Director Roland Emmerich brings back his effective use of compelling VFX to retell one of the most iconic battles of World War II. We’ve seen how he can deliver a believable display of epic action and destruction in his earlier films Independence Day and 2012. In Midway, he uses that to take us through a real battle featuring real-life heroes as they truly made history. Even though we’re looking at intense wartime combat, it’s never overwhelming because of the impressive and immersive action choreography. The aerial sequences are especially brilliant. While delivering all of the thrills, writer Wes Tooke also does justice to the real men that fought the Battle of Midway. Army Lt. Col. James Doolittle who led the attack on Tokyo gets his due played by Aaron Eckhart. Ed Skrein stands out as dive bomber pilot and squadron commander Richard Halsey “Dick” Best. Nick Jonas’ short stint in the film also shows us the unwavering bravery of Bruno Gaido. On the sidelines, Brennan Brown as the leader of the American code breakers Joseph Rochefort and Patrick Wilson as Naval Intelligence officer Edwin Layton take on the most vital roles. Even the Japanese fighters, clearly the enemy, are shown to be capable of great valour and integrity.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Midway takes us through a thrilling war but, in between all the action and convincing visual effects, it seems to bomb when it comes to emotion. For a film that aims to remind you of the relentless bravery of real-life battle heroes, the performances in Midway lack enough depth.

Why You Should Watch:

This war movie is worth the watch for its accurate representation of the integrity, resolve, and bravery displayed by both sides during the Battle of Midway.