Verdict: A new and improved progressive Disney princess.

Gone are the days when Disney princesses were restricted to playing pretty-looking damsels in distress waiting for their Prince Charming to come riding on a white horse and save them from the big, bad world. With movies like Frozen and Brave, Disney has emerged as being progressive and more women-centric and this is being well-applauded by the audience. This time around too Disney has played well with Moana – a musical sea-adventure and explores the Samoan culture and features a spunky heroine who, by no means, requires a man to fight her battle. The complete absence of romance and the will to save her island (and not find a prince) is what makes Moana stand apart.

Moana (voiced by teen Hawaaian singer, Auli’i Cravalho), whose tribe discourages anyone from leaving its small but lush island, dreams of a bigger, more adventurous life. She also butts her head with her father, the tribe’s chief, and sings a yearning song about her desires of embarking on an adventure – a mission to find the demi-god, Maui. Enter, the self-absorbed-yet-friendly mentor who sings one of the catchiest songs in the movie You’re Welcome, which about all of the ways humankind should thank him for his accomplishments. And no other actor could have done justice to Maui’s voice other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, himself of Polynesian heritage. Maui’s theft of a mythical stone has put Moana’s island (and the rest of the ocean) in peril. And from there begins the exciting and nail-biting sea adventure that takes you on a bumpy yet heartfelt voyage.

Moana: Film Review

The music of the movie is hard to ignore, it is catchy and appropriately inspired by oceanic music. Brilliantly put together by famed musician, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Samoan musician, Opetitia Foa’i, you will be left humming to the soundtrack throughout the movie. It’s fresh and lovable, to say the least. It goes without saying that compared to other animation studios, Disney attracts an unusual amount of attention for its representation, optics, sub-text and so on. The gorgeous visual detailing outshines and brings out the child within you, especially when watched in 3D. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Just like every Disney movie, this one teaches you a life lesson too. It teaches you to listen to your inner voice and believe in who you really are. Moreover, Johnson’s mind-blowing vocal performance makes him as charming in animation as he is in live-action adventures, and believe us, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. With its inspiring messages, fascinating characters and memorable music, Moana awakens the child within you and is an excellent choice this weekend for moviegoers of all ages.