Often in life, there are times when you are chatting with a friend, and he/she tries to be funny, so you respond with an ‘LOL’. In reality, you are as expressionless as a brick. That is exactly what Mortdecai does to you. 

Expectations soar sky high when an actor like Johnny Depp is the protagonist in a film. It can be universally agreed upon that most of Johnny Depp’s performances have met with excellent reviews. But I now come to the admission that his prowess has a limit. Maybe that’s the reason behind Mortdecai‘s washout. Or maybe it’s everything about this film.

Just when it seemed like the spectrum of roles Depp could cover was widening, Hollywood began to give us Alice in Wonderland, The Lone Ranger and now Mortdecai. The film could have done much better in terms of plot and characterization. Despite starring big guns and having a director (David Koepp) who has worked on some of the most successful films in the past, this film is a bummer.

Elements such as Mortdecai‘s sympathetic gag reflex and trying-too-hard-to-be-funny dialogues fail to extract even a chuckle from us. Also, everyone in the film is constantly poking fun at Mortdecai‘s mustache with absurd statements like ‘you have a vagina on your lips’ and ‘looks like something curled up and died on your face’.

Paul Bettany plays the role of Jock – Mortdecai‘s man servant (who is basically a whorehound resembling a deranged assassin). But he is more than just that. As Mortdecai‘s foul weather aide, counselor and life-saver, he does manage to be pretty resourceful! Gwyneth Paltrow is stunning as Mortdecai‘s trophy wife, but could have done better with a little more challenge.

Most of you would be oblivious to the fact that Aubrey Plaza was a part of the cast, but sadly she is nowhere to be seen in the film. Mortdecai would have been slightly less dull with her in it.

The eccentricity of Mortdecai and the whole art-heist theme of the film is bound to refresh memories of Pink Panther. Except that Inspector Clouseau wins the audience’s hearts and successfully cracks them up.


Why should you watch this film?

Ideally, you shouldn’t. Unless having a grave, hesitant face while watching a movie is your thing.  

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