Pacific Rim: Film Review

If you are the types who has watched Superhuman Samurai, Ironman, Transformers and the likes, Pacific Rim will feel like a contorted love child of these films.

Due to certain conditions, an opening between two universes occur causing a breach. This allows a species from another world, known as the Kaiju, to enter Earth from below the sea and wreck havoc on our planet. After fighting and what not, the humans invent monsters of their own. The Jaegers. No, not the alcohol. The Jaegers fight these Kaijus. Some win, most lose.

In between all of this revolves the story of Raliegh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) who is one of the pilots for the Jaeger. Each Jaeger has two pilots and both must attain a certain “drift” for this monstrosity to operate properly. During one of the fights Raleigh loses his brother that leaves him disgruntled that eventually makes him quit being a Jaeger pilot. As fate and the predictable storyline would have it, Raliegh is brought back to the force by Marshal Stacker in the last hope to save humanity.


The movie revolves entirely around this plot. A plot that is extremely predictable from the very start. But then, when you go for a movie such as this, you are not really expecting a brilliant storyline or mind-numbing acting. Pacific Rim is an all-out action flick that delivers on quite a few levels. It is a movie that will give you awesome moments where you would definitely want to hoot and scream – go Jaeger go! It is a straight-forward story where the good guys thump the bad but the action and the CGI were quite mind-blowing.

An action fanatic will surely like this movie if not love it. The acting is something that does not need any critical view. None of the actors did badly. Pretty much all of them played their roles with ease.


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