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Peter Rabbit: Film Review – Blue Jacket, No Pants, 100% Fun

Verdict: Peter Rabbit's entry into the 21st century makes him cuter than ever.

Long before we got gems like the marmalade-loving bear Paddington, there was a rabbit who was ruling kids' novels. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, which originally came out in 1902 has finally entered the 21st century with a movie adaptation. The character of Peter Rabbit is known for his mischievous ways, creating havoc in Mr. McGregor's garden. This story has now gotten a CGI revamp with all the old animals featuring on the big screen along with some new ones. For everyone who has grown up listening to stories about Peter Rabbit, it is time to introduce your kids to the favorite neighborhood rabbit although in a different avatar.

Peter Rabbit - BookMyShow Blog

What's Peter Rabbit About:

Peter (James Corden) along with his cousin, Benjamin Bunny (Colin Moody), and his sisters, Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki), and Cottontail (Daisy Ridley), are on a daily mission to get their share of food from Mr. McGregor's (Sam Neill) garden. They are almost successful but old McGregor catches up with them. Before anything can happen, the next door neighbor, Bea (Rose Byrne) comes over to visit. The only casualty in this encounter for Peter is his beloved blue jacket, which is now being used as a scarecrow. Enraged, he enters the garden once again to retrieve it, when Mr. McGregor dies from a heart attack. The house is then inherited by his long-lost nephew, Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson), who works at Harrod's and prefers to keep things ultra-neat. He comes to Peter's neighborhood in hopes of selling the house and stays because of Bea. But his hatred for rabbits starts a hilarious battle between him and the family of Rabbits.

What Works:

Some might say that the character of Peter doesn't say true to the original story. However, the essence of Peter remains the same with some necessary changes that are required to make him connect with the kids of today. Peter Rabbit loves his tunes and often finds himself breaking the fourth wall while exhibiting tendencies we have only seen with Bugs Bunny. The majority of the movie was shot in Australia and no real rabbits were used. But with the expert CGI, you can't tell the difference between the very real humans and the CGI animals. Except for the old Mr. McGregor, all the other human characters are new and it brings a freshness to the story. 
The voice actors put forward an impressive performance, especially James Corden as Peter Rabbit and Margot Robbie as Flopsy. Daisy Ridley's Cottontail is sure to remind you of her as Rey, whom we love so much. Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne do an amazing job as the human characters. Sam Neill's short appearance is certainly one of the highlights of the movie.

What Could've Been Better:

There are some actions by Peter Rabbit that might be a little too harsh for kids but it has to be taken in the spirit of the cartoon character he is.

Why You Should Watch:

Peter Rabbit is Sony's first animated movie of 2018 and they could not have had a better start. The movie packs nostalgia and mixes it well with elements that make it relevant even today. If Bugs Bunny or Home Alone were the highlights of your childhood, this is a must-watch. With holidays looming near, the kids would surely love to start off by watching the movie in theatres this weekend.