Power Rangers: Film Review: Go Go Power Rangers!

 Verdict: The return of the goofy Power Rangers with a soul.

The good ol' 90s was a time of everything amazing. Some kickass TV shows played a huge role in making our after-school hours a lot of fun. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers certainly bring back a lot of fond memories. The series which began in 1993 was inspired from the Japanese TV series Super Sentai. Well, that explains the costumes and the colors. Power Rangers have always been the goofy superheroes who don't take themselves very seriously and somehow win at the end of the day. When you walk into a Power Rangers movie you exactly know you are in for some goofy action scenes with some dialogues as fillers. You could not be more wrong.

Power Rangers - BookMyShowIt is the Cenozoic Era about 65 million years ago and the earth is ruled by dinosaurs. Every life-sustaining planet in the universe hosts a life gem which is the source of its abilities. Rita (Elizabeth Banks) who was formerly a Green Ranger wants to use the power of the crystal to take over the universe. Protecting the crystal are Zordan (Bryan Cranston) and his team who die protecting it not before ordering a meteor strike, which explains the extinction of the dinosaurs. In the present day, on that very spot lies Angel Grove, a small town. We see Jason Scott (Dacre Montgomery) trying to sneak a cow into the school locker rooms and being chased by the police right after that. As he tries to escape, he meets with an accident which renders one of his leg useless in an American football game. As he attends detention every Saturday, he meets some other misfits like Billy Cranston (RJ Cyler) and Kimberley (Naomi Scott) among the other notorious people of the detention. Jason saves Billy from a bully and unwittingly becomes his friend. Through a series of fortunate events, Jason, Billy, and Kimberley along with Zack (Ludi Lin) and Trini (Becky G) chance upon the Power Coins which were buried in the aforementioned meteor strike in a gold mine. As all of them try to escape from the mine security, they crash with a train. But they somehow survive with abilities like strength and awesome jumping skills. But these Power Coins are not the only things that are unearthed; somewhere in the bottom of the sea Rita wakes up too.

The movie takes it own sweet time in laying the groundwork when it comes to the background (which is different from the original Mighty Morphin) and giving the characters some depth. Jason Scott is obviously the Red Ranger who is just a jock out to create mischief but transforms into a worthy leader of this team. Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger) is shown to be autistic but he is the rink that holds together the team together. Kimberley (Pink Ranger) who was formerly a part of the 'Mean Girls' does something she can't live with and this is her redemption. Trini who comes off as the quiet type is actually the first LGBTQ on screen superhero whose parents don't accept her homosexuality. Zack (Black Ranger) who prides himself as the 'crazy one' is also the one who takes care of his sick mom when he is not busy saving the world. This particular group of misfits comes together to form Power Rangers Zordan would be proud of.

Power Rangers - BookMyShowThere is a vast improvement when it comes to special effects. While the live-action in the 90's looked churlish and goofy, the effects now can easily rival other superhero movies. Although the movie sticks to its goofy roots with a Transformers reference thrown in and the location of this life-sustaining crystal might just make you grin. There are some serious heart-touching moments too like Jason's father looking for him in the middle of the battle and Zack shouting out that he loves his mother to no one in particular. The training montage under the guidance of Alpha 5 (voiced by Bill Hader) is also fun to watch as you see Rangers struggling. Being a Ranger isn't so easy after all.

The zords which landed here in the time of dinosaurs have taken their likeness and you know that the Megazord will be worth the wait. The storyline follows a familiar pattern and your heart will definitely be pumping when you hear the familiar tune of 'Go Go Power Rangers'. Dean Israelite has done a fantastic job of keeping the balance between the funnies and giving the Rangers some depth that you didn't know existed.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Power Rangers in any era are a treat to watch. If you, like us, miss them, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit some awesome memories. Don't forget to look for the original rangers who will be making cameos. Also, everything looks better with better CGI. For the people who haven't seen them before, this is a great chance to meet the Rangers as they give you everything from the origins to the super battle. "Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger! Power Rangers forever!".