The Prince: Film Review – Fails to rule!

The Prince promises a lot more than it delivers. Starring Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, and John Cusack, the film turns to be a juvenile attempt to make an action film. It’s disappointing to watch the talented actors go wasted on a poorly-scripted film.

The film tracks the story of a widowed father – Paul (Jason Patric) as he goes on a mission to find his missing daughter – Beth (Gia Matenga), aided by her college friend. Paul, now a mechanic, used to be a deadly mob assassin. After fighting off local goons and dealers (all thanks to his previous occupation), Paul is eventually led to a drug dealer, "The Pharmacy",  conveniently played by  Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. But, it turns out, that the real bad guy is Omar (Bruce Willis) who is aching for revenge. The rest of the film follows how Paul combats Omar, and eventually rescues Beth.

The screenplay by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore is more like a collection of hackneyed thrills and actions. Jason Patric tries his best to bring the intensity to his character of a ‘badass-father on a mission’. But, it seems forced especially with all the sexual tension going on between him and Angela (Jessica Lowndes). Jessica, besides promoting raccoon eyes throughout the film complains, cries and squeaks. John Cusack looks rather bored to be a part of an action film. And Bruce Willis looks too plain and unconvincing to be a criminal. However, it is fun to watch 50 Cent as the drug lord. Even though his role is for less than 10 minutes. Jung Ji-hoon (Korean pop superstar ‘Rain’) plays a minor role.

Why should you watch the film?
Even though the film is quite banal, you might give it a try, if you like mindless yet well-directed action films. Still, if you are in search of an energetic and fast-paced action film, you can give this one a miss.

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