Verdict: John Krasinski’s new venture sets a benchmark in the horror genre.

We have all known John Krasinski as Jim Halpert from The Office, but the actor has a fascinating year ahead. He is playing the lead role in the action-political drama web series, Jack Ryan, and an even bigger role in the upcoming horror thriller, A Quiet Place. The latter has been co-written and produced by the actor, where he also plays the male lead, while his real-life partner, Emily Blunt, plays the female lead. The trailer for the movie looked promising with a story never seen before in the horror genre, but it hardly gives a glimpse about the frights to come.  

What’s A Quiet Place About: 

The movie straight away jumps to a post-apocalyptic scenario where a family is shown raiding a store for supplies. Krasinski and Blunt are parents to three young children – a girl and two boys – who all seem to converse in sign language (The translation is provided via subtitles).  While only the girl (Millicent Simmonds) appears to be hearing-impaired, the reason for their silence is much bigger and scarier. Monsters with an acute sense of hearing haunt this new world and even the smallest sounds can put the family in danger. With another kid on the way, how the family manages to survive forms the story for the rest of the movie.

What Works: 

It’s refreshing to see popular actors experiment with horror – a genre now limited to waning series and mediocre sequels. There are a lot of expectations from Krasinski and the film, which is already said to be the most intelligent horror movie of this year. And he manages to impress indeed! The movie is well-directed with keen attention to sound. Complete silence is used in the scenes featuring the hearing-impaired Simmonds to make her disability understood. The performances by the actors are also highly impressive and special mention goes to Emily Blunt for pulling off that scene in the bathtub. We can’t say more about it without giving away spoilers, but that scene alone should be the reason for you to watch this film in theatres. John Krasinski as the protective father also holds a dear place in our hearts and Millicent Simmonds also delivers a remarkable performance.

While this is a basic survival story, what makes it a great watch is the fresh plot and several tense moments throughout the film. You find yourself rooting for this family and any signs of danger put you into a frenzy. With little to no dialogues, the movie still manages to keep you hooked with its many jumpy scenes – as is expected from a horror film – but you won’t see them coming, even if you are a horror movie buff.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

No backstory was provided for this scary new world, which leads to many questions throughout the film. Perhaps Krasinski can work on a TV series explaining the same. Fingers crossed!

Why You Should Watch:

Apart from watching your favorite real-life couple on screen together, A Quiet Place provides you with a fresh story never seen before in horror movies. It is unique, it is tense, and you will definitely want to watch it more than once.