R.I.P.D.: Film Review

The problem with R.I.P.D. is that it’s a good film yet not good enough that it makes me want to write enthusiastically about it. Although it wins praise on the basis of it’s awesome computer graphics, yet it lacks the spark and soul that a film should possess.

The film tells us about an R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) situated in the afterlife that puts bad souls that escaped death behind bars. Thus preventing them from causing havoc and destruction on earth. The plot is tried and tested and has often worked at the box office. However the same doesn’t hold true for R.I.P.D. that has only scored a mere 4.5 million. The film is based on the comic book Rest in Peace Department by Peter M. Lenkov.


The film stars Ryan Reynolds as a police detective who untimely dies in a drug busting racket. In the afterlife he’s given the choice between facing judgement or joining the R.I.P.D. He is forced to partner with Roy Pulsipher(Jeff Bridges), an arrogant an R.I.P.D. veteran.

Although I hardly have anything bad to say about the film, there’s nothing overwhelmingly good to say about the film either. However the film has Bridges, who works as a charm on-screen despite his age and there are a couple of amazing freeze-frame sequences through which Ryan Reynolds walks, yet they don’t save this film from being termed as a ‘run of mill’ flick. All the monsters in the film are created via CG and are not scary-looking. In fact, since the monsters have been created via CG they look superimposed on an otherwise natural setting. The film has absolutely no funny moments and is dull most of the time. Not that the makers have categorized it as being a comic film. Yet some comic relief could have worked as a saving grace for it.

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