Verdict: Rambo builds up to a climax that’s full of action-packed carnage.

The fifth film in a series spanning almost four decades, Rambo: First Blood features Sylvester Stallone’s return to his iconic role as US army veteran John Rambo. The powerful veteran has overcome the most brutal circumstances always equipped with bullets and bandanas. Now retired and older, let’s see what adventure Rambo has in store for us this time.

What’s Rambo: Last Blood About:

Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) now lives in an isolated homestead with his surrogate family of Maria (Adriana Barraza) and orphaned teenager Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal). He spends most of his time breeding horses and hammering away in an underground network of tunnels where he stores his vast collection of weapons. It is evident that his traumatic past still haunts him but he finds solace in Gabrielle who he regards as a daughter. Things start to go off track when Gabrielle locates her estranged biological father who now lives in Mexico. Looking for answers, she impulsively heads there and finds herself mixed up in a dangerous Mexican cartel. When news reaches Rambo, he is ready to pull all stops and rescue her.

What Works:

Sylvester Stallone along with fellow screenplay writer Matthew Cirulnick delivers a film that follows a more sensitive but still a resilient Rambo. As a retired veteran, Rambo has found a family and a home to call his own with horses to care for too while he stays in touch with his past in the tunnels of his own creation. That being said, director Adrian Grunberg still gives us well-choreographed action sequences with brute-force butchery. We get a look into the dark underbelly of Mexican drug and trafficking culture that Stallone’s Rambo fearlessly goes up against. As the film’s first half comes to an end, the stakes are raised and we’re reunited with the Rambo we’ve seen and enjoyed before. At the age of 73, Stallone still delivers a power-packed performance cementing his long-standing stint in the role of this fierce character. We also get a throwback showreel of memorable moments from the previous Rambo movies as the credits start to roll which is a fun treat.

In the end, Rambo: Last Blood is all about a slow build-up to a no holds barred violent climax that’s definitely worth the wait.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Apart from working as a tool to build the environment Rambo is now in and create a motive for his actions, the supporting characters aren’t given much attention. As Stallone’s performance is restrained, the slow boiling plot of the film seems to wander away in parts as we wait for the trademark Rambo action.

Why You Should Watch:

Rambo: First Blood is right up your alley if you are someone who would enjoy action that reaches levels of flat-out carnage. This watch is worth it just for the power-packed climax!

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