Red 2: Film Review

The oldies return for some serious action and laughs. Who knew being retired could be so much fun. Especially if your retired black-ops CIA agent, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his band of veterans. Conspicuously, the women seem to be an exception to the retirement and old age rule. Catherine Zeta Jones joins the action as Frank’s old flame and a Russian Special Agent. Much to the annoyance of his current girlfriend and tourist on all missions – Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). The rivalry between the 2 ladies will surely inspire more than a few laughs.

Just like most ‘save the world’ films, this one too has a nuclear angle. Frank and his band of misfits, already hunted by governments and assassins, decide to rid the world of a super special nuclear device. Their adventure/ mission takes them to Paris, London and Moscow. As an agent describes “Not bad for a retired guy eh”. And while the younger ladies squabble over who is Frank’s kryptonite, Helen Mirren, just as in the prequel, kicks some serious butt, including a hilarious act about being the Queen of England. What a delight it is to watch her! Anthony Hopkins appears in the role of a mad scientist, something he could have done in his sleep.

While it is a step up from the first in terms of budget, star cast, location and even the subtle comedy. It is also not everybody’s cup of tea.

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