Remember Amnesia: Film Review – Lost Memories Found

Verdict: A unique film backed by solid actors and a strong premise.

Over the years, several rom-coms have been made that use the medical condition of amnesia as the anchor of the film. While most of these films are not accurate representations of this condition, they definitely know how to tug on the strings of your heart and romanticize the hell out of it. Remember Amnesia falls into this genre but tries to tell its story with a unique spin on it.

What’s Remember Amnesia About:

This film revolves around Jay Sing (Dileep Rao) who is an Indian based in the US. He’s an obnoxious physician whose ounce of charm keeps him short of losing his job. However, when Jay’s behavior escalates, his boss forces him to take some time off and go to India. While he’s traveling in India, he meets with an accident that erases his memories. As fragments of his memory come back, he begins to question how his wife died and suspects that he has murdered her.

What Works:

Jay’s only ray of hope after being hospitalized in Kholapur was his doctor Nina played by Shruti Marathe. Her persistence to help Jay after he’s lost his memory blossoms into a sweet friendship. Dileep and Shruti play their characters brilliantly and bring out a refreshing innocence to the film. The other actors in this film that include Curtiss Cook, Mahesh Manjrekar, Lisa Ann Walter, and Medha Manjrekar uphold the film and keep it afloat with their quality acting. This film also makes a good attempt at taking a dig at the flawed healthcare system and the dire need to care and help patients even if they cannot pay.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Remember Amnesia is filled with cliches and stereotypes, but even if you look past this, the film that was intended to be a romantic comedy is short of funny as most of the jokes fall flat.

Why You Should Watch It:

Remember Amnesia is a unique movie and makes for a good one-time watch. Don’t miss catching this Ravi Godse movie at a Vkaao screening.

Alisha Fernandes: