Verdict: A movie that will stay with you long after it's over.

Few films manage to make enough of an impact on the viewer to keep them thinking long after they've walked out of the theater. And even fewer manage to keep them thinking for the right reasons. Fortunately, Room is one of them.





Room seems like the ordinary story of a mother going against all odds to ensure a good life for her child. However, this mother-son duo has a much more tragic story than usual. The film traces the journey of Joy (Brie Larson), who was taken captive as a young woman, as she attempts to create a world for her son (Jack, played by Jacob Tremblay) inside the room where they are being held captive. However, the most daunting part of their journey begins when they escape into the real world. A world where Joy can't shield her son from the evil that looms overhead.




Though she has always had a stellar filmography to her credit, Brie Larson has become the darling of the awards circuit with Room. And once you watch the film, it's easy to see why. She effortlessly shows us various facets of her character – right from the brave mother putting on a facade for her child to a woman struggling to adapt to the world. The actress plays off the energy of her onscreen son, Jacob Tremblay, who delivers one of the finest performances by a child actor in decades. Just like Larson, he beautifully shows us the dichotomy of a character who wants to take in a whole new world, but is afraid of change. Together, the actors deliver performances that even the toughest critic would love.

The most outstanding part of the film, however, is the writing. Though the cast and crew have done a fantastic job, Emma Donoghue's screenplay takes the cake. Nothing in Room feels as if the actors are just "winging it". Everything looks thought through From the pacing to the editing, nothing feels rushed, dragged or out of place in the film. 


Despite all this, though, Room is not for the faint of heart. The film is a brutally honest look at trauma and its effects on family and relationships. It takes on a difficult topic with enough grit to keep it effective, but enough sensitivity to evoke sympathy. If you're looking for a powerful, gut-wrenching film to watch, don't miss this one.




Why You Should Watch this Movie:
An Academy Awards frontrunner, Room features some of the finest acting performances we've seen in years. Watch the film for Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay's wonderful depiction of a powerful story, which will stay with you for a long time.