Sabotage: Film Review

If you think David Ayer’s Sabotage is all about a drug heist and savage drug dealers, prepare for some major twists.

The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as DEA agent John “Breacher” Wharton. After giving lukewarm performances in The Last Stand (2013) and Escape Plan (2013), Arnold Schwarzenegger is seen flexing his star muscles once again in Sabotage. The film boasts of a multi-faceted plot, frenzied action and a sparkling, cigar-smoking DEA agent.



Sabotage opens up with a footage of a woman being tortured by an unidentified person. The movie then proceeds to Breacher’s team busting in a cartel mansion. The team seizes the building and scores a large sum of money. Soon after, millions of dollars recovered in the mission go missing and the DEA team members start getting murdered, one by one. At first, it seems like some drug dealers are taking revenge for the wrong done to them, but the truth is more sinister than it looks.

Sabotage is Arnie all the way! We get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a completely different light. His character ‘Breacher’ is complex with various layers and nuances (PS: We even get to see a gym scene of Schwarzenegger working out). If you are still having a bad hangover after Arnold’s last few movies, Sabotage might give you some relief. Olivia Williams as FBI agent Caroline also gives a commendable performance throughout the movie. One major disappointment is Breacher’s team. It is surprising to see good actors like Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard giving such bland performances. The team’s chemistry is null and the characters are lousily done. It could have been better with a team lead like Arnie! What saves the day, however, is the ace teamwork of Schwarzenegger and Olivia Williams.



Sabotage focuses more on the mystery/thriller aspect. As bodies start to pile up and the suspense gets deeper, you get a hint of a classic whodunit. However, the second-half of the movie gets quite predictable and looks staged.

If you love watching action movies with a massive amount of blood and gore, you will not be disappointed. The crime scenes are insanely gruesome. It might make the weak-hearted uncomfortable enough to squirm in our chair.

Why must you watch the film?

An out-and-out commercial film, Sabotage celebrates Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best. Watch the film if you are looking for an intense crime-drama. Minus the gore level, Sabotage will hold your attention all the way through. But don’t get misled by the pimped up promos of the movies. There is little about drug cartels or drug mafias.

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