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Shut In: Film Review: Are You Sure You Are Home Alone?

Verdict: A predictable thriller with an unpredictable twist.

When you see a lot of thriller movies, you become used to predicting the twists and hope for variety with each new movie. Certain movie sequences give you hair-raising thrills and when those sequences become an inspiration for other movies, it doesn't match the thrill of watching it for the first time. Shut In has been directed by Farren Blackburn and stars Naomi Watts who is known to have delivered a lot of good thriller movies in the past. The movie has a thrilling concept and will keep you on the edge of the seats (only in the second half of the movie).

Shut In - BookMyShowMary Portman (Naomi Watts) is a clinical psychologist who lives in a very remote part of Maine. She has to send her step-son Steven (Charlie Heaton) to a special school because she finds it difficult to be the therapist and the mother. As her husband and Steven leave for the school, they meet with an accident that kills her husband and renders Steven in a vegetative state. Several months after the accident, we see her taking care of her son and running her clinic next door. A storm is imminent and one of Mary's patient, Tom Patterson (Jacob Tremblay), goes missing and is presumed dead. As she struggles with insomnia along with a futile search for Tom, a thrilling tale unfolds.

The movie is short and is packed with an original story, thrills and a secret that you don't see coming. The first half of the movie is spent trying to get all the characters in place. It is not subtle and it keeps you waiting for the real thrill to begin. The background score makes everything very predictable but there are certain moments that might just make you jump out of your seats (if not from fear than from the loud banging noises accompanied with each thriller scene). Even with the most predictable turn of events, the suspense of the movie remains unpredictable until it is revealed and it all makes sense then.

Naomi Watts has given some great performances in her career and she does not disappoint here. Jacob Tremblay and Charlie Heaton perform well too in their individual roles. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
An English thriller set within closed doors, which would definitely make you not stay at home alone. The whole cast ensemble make the experience worthwhile.