Verdict:  A family-friendly action-comedy that’s fun for the whole flock.

Inspired by Lucas Martell‘s short film Pigeon: ImpossibleSpies In Disguise is the latest production from Blue Sky Studios, which is known for the Ice Age films. Their last film Ferdinand was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar and Spies in Disguise is here to spread some more wholesomeness, just in time for the holiday season.

What’s Spies In Disguise About:

Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is the world’s best spy. His missions are always successful and he flies solo. But when his latest mission to recapture an assassin drone goes wrong and his face is scanned by a mysterious villain with a robotic hand (Ben Mendelsohn), Lance loses trust at the agency. Being hunted by the Internal Affairs agent Marcy Kappel (Rashida Jones) who is accompanied by Eyes (Karen Gillan) and Ears (DJ Khaled) who see everything, Lance only has one person to turn to – a gadget tech named Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) who turns him into a pigeon.

What Works:

Spies In Disguise is essentially a buddy comedy and they’ve got the casting just right. The duo of Will Smith and Tom Holland works extremely well. Here, the two of them do what they do best and it’s evident they’re having fun in their roles. Will Smith easily slips into the character of an experienced spy, a role he’s played well in Men in Black. Tom Holland is also familiar with playing a science-enthusiastic geek as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man films. The film gets even funnier when Lance Sterling becomes a pigeon, complete with a bow-tie on his feathered new self, and Walter has to help him navigate the world as a bird.
Ben Mendelsohn is Hollywood’s favorite villain, having been the bad guy in movies like The Dark Knight RisesRogue OneReady Player One, and many more. Being menacing comes easily to him now. While the rest of the voice cast is equally good, a flock of animated pigeons who take Lance under their wing has some of the most memorable scenes from Spies In Disguise.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Spies In Disguise is all about embracing weirdness but it might get too weird for some audiences, so it’s best not to try to logically follow what happens in this film.

Why You Should Watch:

Spies In Disguise is an action-packed and hilarious film that also manages to be family-friendly and features a positive message of acceptance. It’s geared towards children but the silly fun is enjoyable for adults too.