Step Up All In: Film Review – Fiercely fun!

Let’s face it. There is nothing outside-the-box with the Step Up series. They always have the usual underdog dance crew facing some sort of challenge, which eventually turns out to be the winner. But, do we really care about the plot here?

Step Up All In, directed by choreographer and dancer Trish Sie is an absolute fun film to watch. It is the fifth movie of the Step Up franchise. It stars Ryan Guzman, Braina Evigan and our all-time favorite "Moose" urf Adam G. Sevani.

Remember "The Mob", of Step Up Revolution? Yes, they are back. Sean Asa (played by Ryan Guzman) and his dance crew, The Mob, are struggling to make it big in Los Angeles. But after many attempts at getting projects, the crew breaks up leaving Sean behind. But destiny has something else in store. A Las Vegas-based TV dance competition, "The Vortex" is looking for a dance crew. With an aim to win the mega competition, Sean with the help of Moose (by Adam Sevani) and Andie (played by Briana Evigan) builds up a new crew. But two rival crews stand in their way: "The Grim Knights" and Sean’s old crew "The Mob."

Ryan Guzman, who also starred in Step Up Revolution definitely gets his moves right. But, it is Briana Evigan as Andie who steals the show. She is fiercely graceful. Briana was previously seen in Step Up 2: The Streets. Misha Gabriel Hamilton, Stephen Boss, Mari Koda among others also did a pretty good job, even though the story mostly focused on Ryan Guzman and Briana Evigan. Another role worth-mentioning is of Izabella Miko as Alexxa Brava. Oh boy! She is deliciously-wicked, and how!

The choreography is impeccable. The dance sequences are completely enrapturing. With the impressive camerawork and special effects the dance sequences are a total knockout. The 3D effects add on to the extravagance. When Sean and Andie groove to Bobby Brown’s Every Little Step in a deserted amusement park ride, it might give you the feeling of an old-school Hollywood musical. But we don’t mind, as long as there are some brilliant dance moves. The music by Jeff Cardoni is catchy and is in perfect sync with the whole movie.

Why should you watch the film?
If you have enjoyed watching the Step Up series, Step Up All In will blow you away. Watch the film for its edgy and mind-blowing dance sequences. The film concludes with Sean’s voice-over: "Life of a dancer is not easy, but for one moment you feel alive." True indeed. When you dance with your heart, the feeling is profound. Even though it’s vodka which is actually doing the magic.

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