Set in 1942, Brian Falk’s Against the Sun accounts a real life story of three American Navy men who survives a plane crash into the Pacific Ocean for 34 days. The concept of "man against adversity" is of course hardly new to cinema. But nevertheless, there’s always an universal appeal to such films. Whether it is Sandra Bullock in the lonely depth of space or Tom Hanks in a lifeboat with a bunch of Somalian pirates, the films never fail to thrill us.

Against the Sun is no different. Brian Falk successfully creates an air of tension and harrowing imagery in his film. It is fascinating to watch the three men – pilot Harold Dixon (Garret Dillahunt), bombardier Tony Pastula (Tom Felton), and radioman Gene Aldrich (Jake Abel) – struggle for survival.

However, Brian Falk’s Against the Sun, isn’t an out-and out exceptional survival film. Besides a couple of efficacious scenes like- the men tearing into a raw fish and their exhilarating experience of the first rain – It seems too lazy to be a survival film. Most of the time, the characters dwell on mundane reiteration.

Despite limited surroundings, the actors give solid performances.

Leaving aside the flaws, Brian Falk’s Against the Sun will not disappoint you. It’s a true survival story that needs to be known.

Why should you watch the film?
If you are fan of Tom Felton, Against the Sun is a must-watch! The actor moves over to more mature performances. Also, if you enjoy watching survival films Against the Sun is a perfect film for the long weekend.

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