All good things must come to an end. This is also true of bad film franchises. The Taken films have adhered to the same formula to attract the audiences. But to be honest, we could have done with only one film as the third installment is nothing but an unnecessary drag. Inadequate direction, forceful fight sequences and a predictable narrative is what Taken 3 is about.
Once again, Liam Neeson does an impeccable job as Bryan Mills. Kudos to this 62-year-old for being an action hero and inspiration to many. No one is abducted in this movie (thank almighty). Bryan’s ex-wife, however, is murdered – and Bryan finds himself framed for the crime he did not commit. This murder sequence seems far-fetched and unrealistic.
What comes next is a random yet foreseeable screenplay. Bryan escapes, and the chase that follows feels haphazard. The plot manages to grab flickering attention from its audience. Maggie Grace (Bryan’s daughter Kim) has metamorphosed beautifully and looks pristine in this film. The scene where she has to hide from the cops to meet Bryan in the washroom is endearing. Forest Whitaker‘s dialogue delivery appears to be more like a gangster than that of an inspector. The rest of the cast delivers ho-hum performances.
At the beginning, we learn that Kim is pregnant and is contemplating whether she should keep the baby or not. As anticipated, she decides to keep it, which is revealed in the last scene. This is probably the worst conclusion to the movie, because it makes us dread another sequel where Bryan’s enemies go after his grandchild.

Why you should watch this film?
Watch Taken 3 if you are a die-hard fan of Liam Neeson. Or if you haven’t received any ‘action’ in your life of late.

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