Verdict: Linda Hamilton marks her return all guns blazing in this female-empowered sequel.  

In its first five movies, the main goal of the Terminator series was to save John Connor, the leader of the Resistance who averts the rise of the malevolent artificial intelligence Skynet. Every time a terminator from the future was sent to kill John or prevent his birth altogether by killing his mother Sarah, John himself sent other humans or terminators from his future to prevent the disaster from taking place. In the latest Terminator film though, John’s dark fate is finally sealed. There is another leader taking his place. Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool), Terminator: Dark Fate also marks the return of James Cameron as writer and producer and is possibly one of the best sequels of the series after Judgment Day.

What’s Terminator: Dark Fate About:

Three years after the events in Terminator: Judgment DaySarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is seen relaxing by a beach with her son John. Suddenly, the T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) appears, sent from the future by Skynet, and kills John. Moving forward to 2020, a cybernetically-enhanced woman named Grace (Mackenzie Davis) appears in Mexico City from 2042. She sets out in search of Daniella Ramos (Natalia Reyes) to protect her from Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna), an advanced Terminator model sent from the future to destroy her. Grace gets to Daniella first and they manage to escape Rev-9 in many situations. At one point, Sarah Connor comes to their rescue, led to them through a secret messaging source named Carl. The trio then goes in search of Carl to Texas while Rev-9 is still on the prowl.

What Works:

Terminator: Dark Fate is a special movie for Terminator fans as it not only brings back acclaimed filmmaker James Cameron to the series but also marks the return of Linda Hamilton in an important role. This is also the first Terminator film to be led by three women, all of whom live up to the series’ expectations. Mackenzie Davis gives a decent performance as Dani’s protector and Linda Hamilton complements her in every way. Together, the two actresses give us a lot to watch out for. Natalia Reyes gives a decent performance in her limited scope as she only serves to be the target. Arnold Schwarzenegger also makes a return and his addition to the trio seems like a good fit. Even Gabriel Luna makes an impact in the antagonist role and we have never seen a Terminator this powerful.

Tim Miller’s Terminator movie does not fall short of action. Right from the first scene, the story picks up the pace and does not drop till the very end. The movie keeps you engaged throughout with plenty of action sequences and a linear narrative. Being a visual effects artist himself, the director has ensured that the VFX scenes look splendid and nothing seems out of place in this sci-fi action thriller. With each new Terminator film, the machines get more advanced and the latest Rev-9 is powerfully impressive.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is synonymous with the Terminator series but you don’t get to see much of him in Dark Fate. His scenes are limited but Linda Hamilton is enough to strike your nostalgic chords with her impressive performance.

Why Should You Watch:

Terminator: Dark Fate changes the course of the previous Terminator films, giving us a hint of many more to come. This film could easily be the game-changer in the series and also in its genre. Watch it for its female-empowered narrative and the thrilling firepower.

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