The Collection: Movie Review

Review: Movies like these have a very specific audience. In India the number of people who enjoy blood, gore, bodies being ripped apart etc are small (I hope). Fans of this genre would have definitely enjoyed movies like The Saw series, Hostel etc. These fans I’m sure suffer the risk of being called sadistic and mental to an extent. I’m not judging, but really, how can watching human bodies being slaughtered provide you pleasure? Well, anyway, let’s just say, for those who enjoy this kind-of bloody games, The Collection does not disappoint. 

A sequel to the The Collector (2009), this one delves into the home turf of The Collector. A home turf that is full of deadly booby traps, bone chilling death mazes and devious torture devices. All leading to … no prizes for guessing… grizzly and gruesome deaths. The protagonist Arkin (Josh Stewart) who survives the killer maniac (The Collector) in the 2009 original is convinced to save a girl Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) from becoming his next victim. A team of mercenaries are sent to rescue the girl. Little do they know that they are entering a dangerous maze of torture and death designed with pleasure by a cold blooded and crafty madcap. Will they be able to outsmart him? Will Arkin be able to lead them to safety or will his luck run out this time? Watch and find out. 

Verdict: Fans of the blood and gore genre will not be disappointed.

Movie Details
Release date: Dec 14, 2012
Language: English
Genre: Action, Horror
Cast & Crew: Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald, Johanna Braddy, Navi Rawat
Director: Marcus Dunstan
Length: 1 hr 21 mins

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