Spooky/Horror films in the last few years haven’t really been impressive. The Conjuring, however, is a different ball game. It will spook the daylights out of you. Well, atleast most of you. This is a movie that you want to go for with the intention of getting scared.
While most so called horror films based on real life stories are a tad bit boring, The Conjuring is a movie that is an exception. The movie tells the tale of a family of seven – A couple and their five kids. Yes, 5 kids. The family moves into a house (that frankly speaking is too big, even for a family of 7) that is spooky and, like every other horror flick, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Things start going awry and the family starts encountering things beyond their imagination. Enter demonologists – Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) & Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga). This couple begins to start experiencing horrific things one after another in the house that begin to disturb not just the people in the house but also the Lorraine family.

The story is pretty much a usual run-of-the-mill horror flick. Like all horror movies, there are ghosts, demons and yes, exorcisms. But this movie will impress you in quite a spooky way. Unless of course you have watched too many horror films. The movie is fun to watch no doubt. It does not really slow down and neither will it get the audience bored. The movie does have quite a few scenes that will make you shudder and squeal (well, probably a little). The movie is setup in the 70s era and the cinematography as well as the landscaping have done justice to the movie. You can feel the 70s when you sit through this film.

If you’re the types who are looking for extreme horror and super scares, this movie may leave you with a dry taste. For people who are expecting a supreme storyline – It is not going to happen! The movie is pretty much similar to a lot of horror films of the past. Audiences will catch traces of the The Exorcist and many other movies.

The acting was quite good. Even the kids played their part pretty well. Vera Farmiga, obviously, stood out! The soundtrack was quite perfectly woven into the film. Rather than have just the usual middle C note “dong” from the piano, this movie experiments with music and does it quite well too. Go to this film intending to get scared and you shall enjoy it!

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