The Foreigner: Film Review – The Legend Is Back!

Verdict: Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan’s Dynamic relationship makes it a perplex and action-packed thriller.

Based on the 1992 novel, The Chinaman by Stephen Leather, The Foreigner is the comeback movie of the Casino Royale director, Martin Campbell. The movie depicts Jackie Chan in a serious role, probably the first of its kind as opposed to his well-known lively roles and is truly a treat for the eyes.

The Foreigner

What's The Foreigner About?

Jackie Chan plays the role of a humble businessman, Quan Ngoc Minh who is set out to avenge his daughter’s death in a politically motivated terrorist attack. In the search for the terrorists, he encounters the pompous Irish Deputy Minister, Liam Hennesy played by the ever-so-handsome Pierce Brosnan. Eventually, he gets tangled up with the British police and the Northern Ireland government.

What Works?

There was a good balance between the humor and the action. The director made sure that it did not get too serious too quickly. Jackie Chan is seen as a 63-year-old emotional father and this role suits him pretty well despite the fact that he has always taken up funny and lively roles in his acting career. The unusual relationship between Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan is worth watching.

What could’ve been Better?

The first half was a bit of a drag and the story felt like it was coming to a dead end but it picked up quite fast post the interval. Some scenes were left unexplained and seemed a bit illogical but could be credited to the discreteness of Jackie Chan’s role. The storyline seemed a bit recurring in certain places.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

 If you’re a die-hard fan of Jackie Chan and/or Pierce Brosnan, there couldn’t be a better reason for you to watch this movie. Despite his age, Jackie Chan brings all the action and emotion to the table. We suggest you watch this toe-clenching, edge-of-the-seat thriller immediately.

– Written by Nikita Fernandes