Verdict: The Gentlemen delivers a strong dose of action and comedy.

With The Gentlemen, director Guy Ritchie returns to the gangster life in London nearly two decades after his film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The Gentlemen is a movie that oozes with class and it’s taken over by a fine and debonair breed of gangsters in crisp suits.

What’s The Gentlemen About:

The film opens up with a cheeky private investigator Fletcher (Hugh Grant) who makes a living by digging up dirt on the rich and selling his information to the highest bidder. Fletcher is trying to extract 20 million pounds from Mickey Person (Matthew McConaughey) who is the king of the marijuana world. The sleazy investigator goes to Mickey’s right-hand man, Raymond (Charlie Hunnam), to share all the dirt he has been able to dig up on Mickey’s enemies. The timing of Fletcher’s discoveries is crucial, as Mickey is trying to sell is highly profitable marijuana empire amidst dangerous rivals.

What Works:

The plot of The Gentlemen is slightly complex but Guy Ritchie very tactfully brings everything to a full-circle in the end which makes you appreciate the intricacies of the plot. Matthew McConaughey’s role as the lord of a drug empire is brilliant. He manages to grab your attention with his screen presence and confident vibes. Charlie Hunnam is captivating as the trusted go-to man for Mickey with his calm and composed performance. His straight-faced dialogue delivery also immensely adds to his character. On the other hand, Hugh Grant stands out from the rest of the cast with his crass humor that he seems to be very impressed with. His character lightens up every scene, especially the ones where he’s animatedly unraveling the story.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Initially, the plot has a lot going on but it gradually gets more and more interesting as you begin to connect the dots. Also, while the dialogues are witty and laced with humor, it is also slightly dosed with vulgarity.

Why You Should Watch:

The Gentlemen is a crisp entertainer that takes you on a good trip into a world of gangsters. Make sure you get some munchies as you get high on the wit and humor of this film.