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The Lost City of Z: Film Review – A Mysterious Adventure

Verdict: A film that manages to transport you.

Hollywood was once known for churning out some of the most top class films in the adventure genre. However, it’s been a while that we’ve seen some good old classic adventure films of explorers venturing out into the unknown. The first film to come to mind when you think of adventure is Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones films. One of the inspirations behind Ford’s films was British explorer Percy Fawcett, who was famous for his ventures into the vast Amazon in South America until he mysteriously vanished with his son on one of his explorations. The Lost City of Z brings to life Fawcett’s deadly adventures while focusing on how his fascination with the Amazon began.

Major Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) is a man who has had unlucky ancestors and must work hard to turn things around for his family name and up his rank. So when he is approached by the Royal Geographical Society to venture into the Amazon to help draw up a border between Bolivia and Peru, he readily agrees. Leaving his wife Nina (Sienna Miller) and young child Jack behind, he sets off along with fellow explorer Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson) into the vast unknown lands of South America. From battling deadly diseases, animals, savage tribes and the fear of the unknown, Fawcett and his party soon hear rumors of a lost civilization. What first began as a survey for the RGS soon becomes his personal mission with Fawcett convinced of this lost land he has titled Z.

The Lost City of Z Film Review

At first sight, The Lost City of Z is hauntingly gorgeous and will keep you hooked to what mysteries the land has in store. It convinces us of the existence of Z and successfully manages to bring across Fawcett’s fixation which results in his strained family life. The film also sheds light on Charlie Hunnam’s skill as an actor who won much praise for his performance in King Arthur a few weeks back. Another pleasant surprise that the film had to offer was a sublime performance by a rugged looking Robert Pattinson. If we had to nitpick about something, it would be the slow-paced second half which may put off viewers.

Directed by James Gray and an adaptation of David Grann’s non-fiction work on Amazonian explorations, the film’s thoughtful compositions and the mysteriously haunting story of the never-to-return father-son duo is one that keeps you hooked.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

With its real storyline and some fine performances, the film stands out as a classic adventure. The story and characters may have existed decades ago but the outcomes of those explorations and sacrifices are what we still see today.

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