The Path of Zarathustra: Film Review – An exploration of faith

Most people have been through a phase when they attempt to understand their religion, beliefs and how they relate to them as an individual. It’s only natural to be curious about something that forms such an integral part of our identity. The Path of Zarathustra chronicles this very search for meaning through the story of Oorvazi Irani.

Oorvazi Irani, played by the actress and director of the same name, is a young woman who lives a hermit-like lifestyle along with her grandfather (Tom Alter). On his deathbed, he hands her a mysterious book about the meaning of their religion –Zoroastrianism. After his death, Oorvazi heads to Mumbai to try to unveil the secret of the book. On the way, she stumbles upon others on the path of self-discovery, a long-lost love and some enlightening truths.

Though it is primarily a film about a Zoroastrian’s search for meaning, The Path of Zarathustra works at a universal level. It chronicles the search for meaning and faith in the modern day. In the process, it poses some difficult questions and answers others. The film uses some noteworthy metaphors to get these point across.

With a subject like this, it would’ve been easy for this movie to get preachy. Thankfully, The Path of Zarathustra approaches the subject with subtlety and tact. It teaches you a lot, but it never seems imposing a message. This is especially enlightening, since most people know very little about Zoroastrianism.

With Tom Alter in the very first scene of the film, you’re assured the performances will be top notch. The veteran actor is memorable, despite his lack of screen time. Oorvazi Irani is convincing as a young woman trying to understand something that seems larger than life. Rushad Rana‘s portrayal of her romantic interest, Perseus, is also noteworthy. However, the real stars of the film are the four actors who play different aspects of Oorvazi’s visions. Firdausi JussawallaDarius ShroffShishir Sharma andVivek Tandon are all outstanding in their respective parts. Even if you aren’t particularly religious, their performances alone make the film worth watching.

Another remarkable aspect of the film is the cinematography by Subhadeep Dey. Saying that the film is aesthetically pleasing would be an understatement. The visuals, combined with Vasuda Sharma‘s soundtrack, further add to the charm of the film.

The Path of Zarathustra is a well-made film. However, it does have sub-plots that might not appeal to everyone. The viewer is often left wondering whether the romantic sub-plot was even worth including. Though it doesn’t form a majority of the film, it occasionally takes away from its message.

Why You Should Watch this Movie:
The Path of Zarathustra is a simple, well-meaning film with a message. It features noteworthy performances, cinematography and music. It is the perfect film for anyone who wants to gain some insights into religion and its true meaning.