Thor: The Dark World: Film Review

One of the advantages of a comic book film is that either you like it or you hate it. Something about the film will either speak to you or will leave you  feeling cold. Thor:  The Dark World entertains you. This is the fun and engaging sequel to the quite slow and rather dull Thor film of the past. Most of us fan-boys and comic book geeks and nerds have been waiting to see if this new film is up to the mark. In fact it ‘hammer’s the point home so to speak. It’s been directed by Alan Taylor (he’s directed a few game of thrones episodes.)

The movie starts off with the usual. A back-story, some battle sequences and lo, behold, the audience has now caught up with the rest of the Marvel movie universe. Ladies and Gentlemen, witness the glory and beauty of Asgard. Good thing everything is so shiny and bright, you don’t have keep lifting your 3D glasses to check the shadows. Unlike the first film.

Big, blonde and packing a mean swing, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) comes back to the big screen. With a swish of his cape, you get catapulted straight into the action. With a few token quips  and a few lightning bolts, Thor saves the day and everyone. In the meantime we have Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) still waiting on Thor showing up. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) gets locked up for crimes against humanity. Odin (Anthony Hopkins) does his thing of being a dad and a king. In the meantime we see the Dark Elves drop in for some good old fashioned havoc.  Malekith  (Christopher Eccleston) proceeds to  menace the Asgard world.


As far the movie goes though, the first half is a bit slow. The visuals are breathtaking and wonderful to see. Hopkins and Hemsworth do adequate justice to the characters they play. There isn’t much of a flow. Mainly due to the fact that Hiddleston’s Loki is locked up in a prison.  In the second half however, things pick up. This is where Loki does his thing. The banter between Thor and Loki makes for a refreshing change to the earlier dreariness. It is fun to watch Hiddleston take a role as negative as Loki’s and make it fun to watch. It’s like he is having fun being evil, being unpredictable. There is a bit of humour sprinkled all around, but only Loki gets to be cheeky about it.


Thor: The Dark World has its ups and downs. But it’s redeeming quality is the fun which Loki brings to the screen. As far as bad guys go, the Dark Elves do alright. Chris Hemsworth does his hammer duties well. Natalie Portman was a little off. The visuals were stunning and the effects were good. All the action sequences were fun to watch. All in all, a good comic-book film. Definitely worth catching.

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