What would you do differently if you could go back in time? Elisha Yaffe‘s character in Time Travel Lover? Well, he would go back in time and stop himself from getting into a disastrous relationship.

Things are about to get hot and heavy for Matt (Elisha Yaffe) and Hannah (Stephanie Hunt), when they are interrupted by Matt… from the future! When he warns himself to stay away from Hannah, many more future versions of Matt show up, each of whom represents a different trajectory for Matt and Hannah’s relationship. When they know about everything that can go wrong, which way will the couple go?

Time Travel Lover is a delightful short film that proves how time traveling can be hilarious too. The premise poses the difficult question, “Is it okay to tamper with what’s destined?“. However, this is done with a lightheartedness that no other film dealing with a similar subject has managed before. Thanks to its unusual approach to the subject, Time Travel Lover is especially engaging. It’s refreshing to see a new take on an age-old topic, especially one that is made so well.

The actors’ comic timings work fabulously for the film. Both Elisha Yaffe and Stephanie Hunt are charming as the couple who are caught in an awkward and baffling situation. Elisha is also remarkable as all the future versions of himself. Whether he’s playing a bitter, old version of his character or the happy-go-lucky self, he manages to nail it every time. Craig Anton also makes an amusing cameo appearance, in what might just be the funniest scene in Time Travel Lover.

Watch the short film here, if you haven’t already: