How To Train Your Dragon 2: Film Review – The bond deepens

"Speed: Unknown. Size: Unknown. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Never engage this dragon. Your only chance, hide and pray it does not find you”. The semi-truth about the most-feared dragon, The Night Fury, came to light when the first part of How To Train Your Dragon, based on Cressida Cowell’s YA books and created by DWA Studios, broke most records in 2010. 4 years later, the second part of the film became the most-anticipated films of the year. And for good reason, the sequel to the hugely successful animated film, does not fail to make an impact. It wins in all departments, from action, to drama, to comedy, to thrill and more. As was evident from the trailers and the grapevine, there is a lot the audience can expect from the film. With expectations set so high, it would’ve been quite a disappointment had the film turned out to be otherwise.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (HTTYD 2) fast-forwards five years where Hiccup is a young adult and Toothless, as cute as ever. He is as adorable, as he is menacing. And, just when you begin to think that there is very little that the dragon (developed as a mixture of many animals) would get to do in the film, you’re pleasantly surprised. It’s not just the number of dragons (and there are many) that will amaze you. It’s the extra care that has been taken in developing the characteristics of each of these beautiful fantasy creatures. Be it Falkor, or The Male, or Smaug, or even the female dragon from The Shrek franchise, Toothless wins by a high margin every time. He is sensitive, understanding and a wonderful companion, for he is not just a pet to a little boy.

While this was an established fact in the first film, there is a lot more warmth you will as you experience Part 2. To know that the long wait is almost over, is a reassuring fact. We are also introduced to Valka (voiced by Cate Blanchett), Hiccup’s mother, who had distanced herself from the family for reasons unknown. Wait till you watch the heartwarming family reunion, where there are two new family members who join the father-son duo – Stoick and Hiccup.

The film scores ‘cause of intelligent writing by Dean DeBlois, who reprises his role as the writer of this film series. To add to the marvel with the storyboard, you will see apt work with the animation. A pure respite for all those who believed that the art of storytelling had vanished from the face of Earth and there was no way to retrieve it. On a more serious note, however, there are a few similarities that you will notice. But the film is as different as it is similar to another concept that may have been seen before. If Disney got Frozen as its prized possession, DWA has one to boast of too. Yes, there were the films from the Shrek Universe. But once these 98 minutes are over, you will know why Toothless and Hiccup take all the brownie points. With a dark undertone, skilfully handled and masterfully executed, this is your film for the weekend and one that you will want to watch many times over. 

Why should you watch this film?

Yes, there aren’t no two ways about this fact. But if you must know, then watch it for the spectacular visuals, the color that pleases the eyes, the story that is sure to tug at your heart strings and the best sort of a relationship that you’ll see between a human and an animal. 

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