‘Tis been 7 years since the epic comic books were first made into full-length feature films when the audience was introduced to the visitors from Cybertron. Earth dwellers met the advanced alien race and hence began a saga of Good vs. Evil. One was easily able to ascertain that there was balance of thought process wherever one travelled to in the vast universe. The only time you get to witness it when various forces meet at a common point.
After being exposed to some great teamwork, great leadership and a fabulous screen presence, in the past three films (as well as the comic books, previously), one can easily deduce that Optimus Prime is the best leader one can ask for. Not ’cause he is the boss-man of the Autobots, and as a human we must bow to him, but ’cause that’s just how it should be. He has more than the simple humane aspects about him, which is absolutely awe-inspiring. Director Michael Bay ensures that his audience doesn’t go home disappointed this time around. Transformers: Age of Extinction promises all the adrenaline rush that you were awaiting for a long time. While this is the fourth instalment of the film franchise, in reality, it is a reboot of the complete film. Everything about the film’s story is as good as fresh. This would also mean that the film has been made so in order to cater to all fans and non-fans of The Transformers. There are the previous Autobots and Decepticons, and at the same time, there are the new Autobots and Decepticons. Simultaneously, this is also a battle of human vs. human. Yet again, good always prevails over evil, in whichever universe. And at any point of time, if you feel insecure about your surroundings, you must feel assured that Optimus is watching over all, and he shall stand with the good force to ward off all evil, in any capacity.
Transformers: Age of Extinction is a film that wins due to its fantabulous visual and sound effects. While it is a tad-bit too long, no one’s really complaining, ’cause there is a lot you can look forward to. From apocalypse, to dinosaurs (now dinobots), to man-made autobots, to family drama, there’s something in it for everyone. This is the perfect weekend outing for everyone. The one thing that may bother a few viewers is the paucity of people on the better side of the world. Those supporting the evil seem to be in a state of trance, save the pioneers of all evil-doing. Whatever happened to the world’s cumulative population? Nonetheless, Optimus Prime still takes all the brownie points. He commands respect and he knows how to get it too, even in the face of rebellion. Bumblebee deserved more than just that little bit of screen-time. The other Autobot, Crosshairs is uber-cool with his skill, but there is very little for him to do too.
Speaking of humans, Mark Wahlberg is the actor you are watching out for, for obvious reasons. He brings a lot of maturity to the character of Cade Yeager. The alliance of the Autobot commander and the human is great to watch. If certain elements tend to sound a tad inexplicable, remember that, this is not the end of the franchise, but a beginning to a brand new trilogy. Recent news said that there could be a crossover with Jurassic Park and the G.I. Joe heroes. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? What’s more, he who seemingly perished, didn’t quite perish. And now we await for the next film to release.
Why should you watch this film?
Explosions and destruction galore, the film is a visual treat in signature Michael Bay style. Go alone or with company, the effect of the film shall linger on until much later. Promise.

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