Two Night Stand: Film Review – It began with a one-night stand, and should’ve ended there

Picture this: it’s the Holidays, Christmas is ’round the corner, there’s snowfall, and everyone around you is falling in love. In reality, there’s no such thing happening. And when you watch a dry film such as Two Night Stand, your anti-faith in love crystallizes. The film, that promised greatness, is an assault to the senses of even a cynic, imagine its effect on a hopeless romantic. Pity. 

The film, starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton, is a rom-com meant for the Holiday season, but seems to have released a few months too soon. While films like No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits had us rooting for the characters, this film may leave you with a rather insipid taste in your mouth. In its 86 minutes, there was nothing new that the film had to offer. The twenty-something couple meet over a dating site for a one-night stand, and get caught up in a circumstantial net. What follows is a story that has been narrated many times over. Only if it was as promising as its trailer. From the acting, to the chain of events, to the climax, there is nothing worth remembering in this film that releases this week. What it caters to, is the fact that it’s semi-watchable, but only on DVD, on one of those days when you have nothing else to do. That said, the other actors also have a very forgettable performance in the film. 

Yes, the film has its moments, but that’s it. They have all been sewed together like a patchwork quilt. What could’ve been a coming-of-age romantic film that is totally in tandem with the thought process of today’s youth, ends up being a confused affair. Sure, it makes an honest attempt at conveying a clear portrait of the modern-day hookup culture, and highlights the dishonesty of the profiles on the one too many online dating sites, the sentiments in the film still seem outdated. 

Why should you watch this film? 

Since the film came well in advance before the upcoming Holiday season, maybe you could go and watch it to try and get the effect around you. There isn’t any more reason why you should spend approx 90 minutes, that may otherwise seem unimportant, but suddenly seem spent aimlessly. 

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