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Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets: Film Review – Stunning!

Verdict: A visual spectacle admist a space adventure.

A human being's curiosity about the worlds amongst the stars knows no bounds. A great many stories have been told about the unknown breed of aliens that live among these stars and how we would interact with them if we do. In the year 1975, a small manned space station was set up around the Earth's orbit. The small space station slowly became a huge one when delegates from all the countries of the Earth started boarding it. The progress did not stop there and other species were invited to join in this great mission to collect the best of all cultures. A century later, it was a city called Alpha harboring more than a million beings of different species.

The size of the space station was a threat to Earth since the gravity field was pulling it down and with a lot of help, it was finally released from the Earth's orbit to freely orbit in space. More than a couple of centuries after this on Plane Mul, the residents were going about their daily chores when suddenly their planet was attacked. While there were a few survivors, the princess of the planet meets her end and emits a strong beam which startles Major Valerian (Dane DeHaan) who looks like he is on a beach with Sergeant Laureline (Clara Delevingne) but actually they are on a space ship on a government business to recover a Mul Converter. Their rendezvous point post the mission is the city of Alpha. Once they reach the city, they realize that all is not what it seems and trouble is brewing.

Valerian and the city of a Thousand Planets - BookMyShowBased on the French comic series named Valerian and Laureline, the director Luc Benson has served a visual treat. Right from the multi-dimensional grand bazaar to the beautiful planet Mul, everything would please your eyes. A comic like Valerian has more than its fair share of aliens and in a lot of cases, there are more aliens than humans. The way each distinct alien race was portrayed would only get you more curious about the world out there.

The story doesn't have a lot of twists and turns but that is a good thing because you don't want anything distracting you from the beautiful scenes playing in front of you. Speaking of beautiful, Rihanna has done a cameo in the movie as Bubbles, a shape-shifting performer. Looking at her, you have truly witnessed the greatest performance in the world. Dane DeHaan and Clara Delevingne share a great chemistry as they keep bickering and going out of their way to save each other.

The real heroes of the story are the inhabitants of Planet Mul. They might remind you of Na'vi when it comes to their looks and how connected they are to the planet. And it is in a way a tribute to the director because he inspired Luc Benson to take up this project. The soundtrack deserves a special mention too as it meshes well with the visuals.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you like comic book adaptations, this is a great one. Not to forget that this space saga brings about a freshness to the genre which is populated by franchises which are really old. And if all that doesn't convince you, we can assure you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of the screen for even a second.