Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy: Film Review

Was the Twilight series not enough, that yet another vampire based young-adult novel was adapted into a film? Like its predecessors, Vampire Academy is also about fantasy, magic and good looking teen-vampires. Apart from fangs, blood and death, there is loads of drama with teenage girl dating issues and ego tussles.

The movie’s based on Richelle Mead’s popular series of young-adult novel of the same name. Directed by Mark Waters, the movie is a lousy hybrid of Twilight, blended in the Harry Potter-style of schooling.

This is the story of Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), a 17-year old Dhampir (half-human/vampire guardian) whose legacy is to protect her Moroi (peaceful, mortal vampire) best friend, Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir (Lucy Fry) from evil Strigois (blood thirsty, immortal vampires). Blood and narrative contrivance bonds them. Owing to certain threats they run away from the academy, a safe ground for all the Dhampir and Moroi vampires who dwell in the world. St. Vladimir’s Academy is a school where Moroi learns to control their magical talents and the Dhampir learns the art of combat. Later, other guardian vampires including a "Hunkish Vampire", Dimitri (Damila Kozlovsky), bring them back to the academy. The rest of the movie follows what happens on the so-called safest grounds of the Vampire Academy.

Though, writer Daniel Waters tried to bring out the dark and witty side of the Vampire Academy, but failed to do so. It was because the script detailed into explaining the mythological facts related to vampires. This, even, affected the development of characters and the script itself. Even the ego-tussle exhibited among students of the academy was as simple as that of any regular teenager. The visuals of the film failed to create an impact despite being shot at a picturesque landscape. The scenes were clean & comfortable, yet plain and cliched. The plot had the scope of being a brilliant entertainer, but fell short by quite a margin!

The positive facts worth mentioning about the movie is the strong friendly bond shared between Rose and Lissa. A beautiful message that could be shared, this Valentine. The portrayal of gory blood sucking scenes were limited, hence, making the movie watchable.

Why must you watch this film?

If you are a fan of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, you can’t have a better Valentine treat. And for others, it is just another addition to their list of young-adult vampire movie adaptations, released recently.

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