White House Down

White House Down: Film Review

This year’s second ‘attack on the White House film is one of the best examples of a clichéd plot and dialogues that are made to cater to a homeland loving audience. Every element of the film looks like it’s been tailor made to fit a popular design that is supposed to seem familiar and likable (especially the second half). The piped piper effect however didn’t seem to hold as much charm. After giving blockbusters like 2012, Independence Day, Godzilla & The Day After Tomorrow, director Roland Emmerich tunes down the CGI and pumps up gunfire and combat.

John Cale (Channing Tatum) is a US Capitol Police officer who, in a bid to impresses his estranged daughter (Joey King) applies for a position with the U.S. Secret Service. Mouths patriotic dialogues when being interviewed and takes his daughter for a tour of the White House. The White House unfortunately is attacked by a paramilitary terrorist group. Cale manages to somehow free President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) and the cat and mouse games begin. As the armed men turn the White House into rubble in search of Sawyer, it becomes obvious that only our hero Cale can save his daughter, the President and of course ensure world peace.

The strengths of the movie lie in decent performances and great chemistry between Fox and Tatum. CGI although good, are expected from a director who has given us destruction at the 2012 level. The first half is likable but plummets into predicable and over the top zone post interval. The climax too doesn’t offer much respite.

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