Love is luminous. Love is a miracle. It can move mountains and make things happen. But souring the taste of a beautiful sentiment is the film Winter’s Tale. Touted to be Akiva Goldsman’s passion project, the film turns out to be repulsive fantasy meshed with bland romance.

Based on Mark Helprin’s novel by the same name, the film involves a stellar starcast – Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe, Eva Marie Saint, Will Smith. Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) is a thug who falls for a a dying girl, Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay). Lake presumes that he was meant to be the miracle that can save her life. In this life-saving quest, Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe) plays the devil’s advocate, (literally!) he tries to stop Peter from saving Beverly Penn for he thinks that miracle will thus be done if Penn survives!

In the endeavors to show a time-travel story, filmmakers mess with the entertainment quotient of the film. Winter’s Tale, thus, is a baseless, a pointless and lackluster tale from an Oscar awardee! It is predictable and incomprehensible. With flawed execution of the concept, it comes out as irrational and repetitive in its approach. It revolves around primal premise, a battle of good versus evil. It hardly ever retracts itself from this postulate in process meddling with the time-travel concept. This further makes the film’s plot daft and piffle. The film is high on the love philosophy and is determined to make you believe that miracles happen but this makes it ludicrous and boring!

Overall, the film punctuates love and miracle yet fails to ascertain that the message reaches across without any hitch.


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