Verdict: With great music and comedy, this sequel also packs in a strong plot.

Siddharth Randeria has been entertaining us on stage for decades now, with his hit Gujjubhai-play franchise. The franchise made a successful transition to movies in 2015 with ‘Gujjubhai The Great‘ and now Gujjubhai – Most Wanted‘ continues the franchise. Directed by Ishaan Randeria, the movie promises the comedy of errors we enjoyed in the first installment and countless plays before that, along with some new twists. Gujjubhai seems to be going international this time, by setting the movie in locations like Doha and Pakistan along with the beautiful roads of Gujarat.

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What’s Gujjubhai – Most Wanted About:

Arvind Divetia (Siddharth Randeria) and his son Khargesh (Jimit Trivedi) a.k.a. KD are the kind of people who encounter trouble on a daily basis. Hence, the father-son duo has developed a knack for talking itself out of practically every situation (their imagination is one of a kind). They go on a road trip along with Arvind’s wife Indu (Tejal Vyas) and mother-in-law Chandrika (Purvi Vyas) to meet Chandrika’s brother who is in the ICU. On their way, the duo run into trouble again, when they get mistaken for government agents and they just keep sinking deeper into trouble, as they try to clear their mistaken identities.

What works:

The movie has more than its share of laughs, making you laugh at all the trouble the family gets into. The highlights obviously are the scenes where they talk their way out of trouble with stories you perhaps only dream about. The music is another winner with Sar Sar Ke as the perfect song for wrong travels and Odhni’s new version might just make you want to break into a dance right there. The chemistry between Siddharth Randeria and Jimit Trivedi is perfect and we would definitely want to see more of the duo. 

What could have been better:

While the movie is thoroughly entertaining, it is a little too long at 157 minutes.

Why you should watch this movie:

Would you like a movie which is a family comedy with some amazing songs and a good story? Then there is absolutely no reason you should miss out on this one. Also, the beauty of Gujarat has never been captured in a better way before and that is one of the many reasons you should make this a must-watch this weekend.