Verdict: Tickles your funny bone while giving a hard-hitting social message.

Director and writer Krishnadev Yagnik, who gave Gujarati cinema lovers an immensely popular film like Chello Divasdelivers yet another delightful film with Karsandas Pay And Use. While Chello Divas revolved around the life of college students, this one is a love story with a social message that everyone needs to take notice.

Tilok (Mayur Chahuan) runs a pay-per-use toilet with his brother Sundar by earning just enough to get through the day. Jaya (Deeksha Joshi), on the other hand, makes a living by working as a housemaid. While you could think of a love story to start anywhere but in a public toilet, this off-beat love story starts right there. Jaya, who lives in a locality called Shastri Nagar with her family. goes to a public toilet and that is when Tilok falls in love with her at the first sight. Tilok tells his close friend, Kalubha (Jay Bhatt), a pani-puri vendor, about Jaya. Being the only sane character in the movie, Kalubha tries his best to make Tilok realize his lower ranking in the community in the most subtle way, but Tilok seems to have fallen too hard to notice anything or anybody else but Jaya.  

As love stories usually go, this one too is not without its complications. Chinu (Chetan Daiya), Jaya’s father, who works as a rickshaw driver, is a guy with immense ego and pride in whatever he is and will go to any extreme to not see his daughter with someone who works at a “derogatory” place like a public toilet. Going to the extent of hitting his own daughter, nothing can stop him from doing what he wants to. Things go haywire when Chinu and Tilok, along with Sundar and Kalubha, get into a fist fight and it is then that Tilok promises to earn more than Chinu in a month.  

The movie only gets interesting as Tilok tries different approaches to attract people to his public toilet, which will definitely leave you in splits. What works positively for this film is the performance by the entire star cast. Jay Bhatt and Hemang Shah, who have delivered exceptional performances and do leave a lasting impact, are especially impressive. Kedar Upadhyay sets the background score really well and will make you tap your feet every time.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

It has been a while since Gujarati cinema had a taste of good films and this one satisfies the craving. Watch it for the performance of every actor in the film. Watch it for the humor and for the social message this film successfully delivers.