Directed by Jasbir B Bhaati, Uvaa is a film about the lives of five spoilt brats from the suburbs of Delhi – Ram, Anil, Vikram, Salmaan and Deenbandhu, and their myriad acts of mischief and troublemaking at school. The film also stars Bollywood veterans such as Om Puri and gifted actors such as Rajit Kapur, Sudhir Mishra and Jimmy Shergill.

The film tells the stories of five boys and their penchant for destruction and mischief. However, things take a turn for the better when they are sent to a convent school by their grandfather (played by Om Puri), who wants them to make something of themselves. They detest the school and do as much as they can to get suspended. However, all of them find love and they decide to stay. The film then chronicles their time at school, where they have a few colorful teachers, one of which is played by Sudhir Mishra, and another by Bigg Boss contestant Sangram Singh. There are a couple of light moments in Uvaa that will get a few chuckles out of you with the gags and shenanigans the boys pull off.
The fortunes of these five boys take a turn for the worse, when they find a rape victim and save her, but are framed for the crime. They are sent to a remand home, where they face the brutality of the other inmates and the sheer desperation of being behind bars. Jimmy Shergill delivers a strong performance as a cop, and Archana Puran Singh also turns in a commendable role as the lawyer who defends the boys. Om Puri and Rajit Kapur both shine with their honest acting as well. Uvaa shines in its own right, with its strong, resonating theme – how we, as citizens, must step up and change society and the system that is archaic and outdated, and create a safer and better environment for ourselves.
However, there are two things that bog the film down a little – the duration and a couple of performances by some of the cast members. But apart from that, Uvaa makes for a good watch, and challenges you to change your outlook towards the flawed system of our country. 
Why Should You Watch The Film?
Catch Uvaa for earnest performances by Rajit Kapur and Om Puri. It delivers a hard-hitting message about the society we live in, and dares you to do something.