Verdict: Not spooky enough to scare, but offers a lot more than just horror.

After the considerable success of 1920 and 1920:The Evil Returns, Vikram Bhatt adds yet another movie to his list in the horror genre. For those of you who haven’t seen the first two, let me tell you, this one, in no manner, is connected to either of them.
The horror flick, with a runtime of about two hours, stars Sharman Joshi and Meera Chopra in the lead roles.
1920 London - BookMyShow

Shivangi (Meera Chopra) and Veer (Vishal Karwal) are a married couple who belong to royal families and live in London. The story starts with an unusual gift, a necklace, from their hometown being delivered to them. This gift is from an unknown person and is about to change everything for them.
Veer’s health starts deteriorating and Shivangi runs back to her parents asking for help. Soon, she realizes that the only person who can cure her dying husband is her shepherd ex-lover, Jay (Sharman Joshi), who is now a renowned exorcist.  She pleads with Jay to help her save the life of her husband. Jay, due to past bitterness, initially refuses but later gives in and they both immediately leave for London.

Like any other Bollywood horror movie, this film also has a fair share of drama along with the horror. Despite the fact that the movie may not be able to deliver the horror it promises, it surely does have some major twists and turns which make the audience watch it till the very end.

Why You Should Watch this Movie:
The third installment  of the 1920 series brings to you a lot of unexpected twists. Sharman’s acting in the movie makes up for a lot of bad things. The music and the location actually do make you believe it is London in the 20s and of course, the debut of the third Chopra sister in the Bollywood industry shouldn’t be missed!
– By Sanaa Surve