1921: Film Review – Chills Along With Thrills

Verdict: A chilling story along with a thrilling performance.

There are very few horror movies that can scare the living daylights out of you. Bollywood horror movies have never been the best Hindi cinema has to offer more often leaving us with smiles rather chills down our spines. But they have been doing better. With a stellar VFX team, Vikram Bhatt delivers yet another installment in a much-admired movie franchise titled 1921. The fourth of the 1920 series, which started in 2008, takes place in York, Britain in the year 1921. The thrills and chills have been upped this time with twists in the story you won't see coming.

What's 1921 About:

The year is 1927 and Ayush Asthana (Karan Kundra) is about to give a piano performance but cannot be found anywhere. Eventually, the door to his green room is broken and he is found with his wrists slit. We go in a flashback to the year 1921 where he is giving a performance in Mumbai and Mr. Wadia is quite impressed with his talents. Mr. Wadia helps him get enrolled in the York School of Music and in return Ayush has to take care of the Wadia Manor near the school. Three months after Ayush has settled down, he comes across a presence in the house and enlists the help of a ghost-whisperer Rose (Zareen Khanto help him get rid of it.

What Works:

VFX has come a long way and you can see it in the movie. The York countryside, the time period has been captured really well along with the ghostly presence. The story has a lot of twists to make you feel the thrills as chills run down your spine. This might not be Karan Kundra's debut movie but he does deliver an amazing performance. Zareen Khan is new to the horror genre as well but you cannot find fault with her skills. 

What could have been better:

Although the movie has a lot of scares, the ghost itself is not as scary as the previous installments.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

As a franchise, 1920 has never disappointed. They show the time period accurately and at the same time have been known to scare the audience. You would not complain if you are going to watch this one. Although, you might not want to watch it alone.