3 A.M. does not scare you as much as it makes you laugh. The movie is a laugh-riot. 3 A.M. keeps getting more confusing with every passing minute. There is romance, comedy, action and drama. 3 A.M. suits better as a parody rather than a horror movie.

On a serious note, this is not the best horror movie which you would watch. Rannvijay Singh plays Sunny (not Leone), they mention that as well. The plot revolves around Sunny, and his would-be-wife Anindita Nayar (Serra) who gets killed. Sunny sets out on adventure to prove that supernatural powers, black magic, ghosts or something spooky killed Serra. Sunny and his two colleagues start a television show, and plan on going to haunted locations and get real scary footage. The three friends plan on covering the spooky “Rudra Mill”, where Serra died. Rannvijay pleads to the supernatural to appear, and meets the evil ghost Rudra Pratap Singh. Suddenly Sunny has to deal with a real ghost. The real trouble starts now.  

There are songs in this horror (read comedy) movie, not 2 or 3, but 5 songs. A song when the guy meets the girl for the first time, their first kiss, the marriage proposal, Serra dying and much more. The songs are more lovey-dovey than Aashiqui 2. The VFX? The ghosts do not look scary! But the night-vision camera has played a fair part. Rannvijay tries his best to act (and fails terribly).

Why should you watch this movie?

If you like Rannvijay, then please do not watch 3 A.M.. You would not want to see him in this movie. As said earlier, this film could have been a good spoof. If you are looking for a horror movie, then this is not it. Comedy? Absolutely.

P.S- Look out for the cheesiest pick-up line ever.


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