Horror films are fun to watch. You get to enjoy the twists and turns. In fact, a good horror film will stay with you long after you leave the theater. This movie isn’t one of them. As far as horror goes, there isn’t any in this film. Neither will you flinch, nor will you freak out. 6 – 5 = 2 will just serve as a reminder that you have lost 2 hours of your life, trying to stay awake while enduring a collection of supposedly creepy sounds and effects.

The film revolves around 6 friends and their trek into the woods. This has been made in a similar vein as The Blair Witch Project. As the story progresses, rather slowly I might add, scary things start to happen. You will know that it is supposed to be scary when the camera goes from color to sepia. The 6 friends decide to set up camp near a dead tree that has been adorned with skulls and voodoo dolls. Not to fret, these are real skulls. The same ones used by medical students for anatomy studies and dental surgery. The voodoo dolls look like they have been made by a one-handed blind tailor who has never seen a doll in his entire life. But we digress, coming back to the night of the trek. The friends are now slowly followed by a spirit. This spirit has loud footsteps, knows how to set fire to synthetic materials and operate an HD camera. Oh yeah, the entire experience has been filmed on a HD camera that has been carried along. Mind you, if you can take away one thing from this film, it would be the HD camera and the world’s most powerful battery. One by one, they start to get picked off. Oh the horror… The make-up, that is.

In the end, there is just one friend left alive along with the video footage.

As you endure the pain (oops… The movie), the length will start to get to you. The unnecessary camera movements and the rather dull and one-dimensional characters make this film painful. Granted, you are watching a horror film, but a visit to the dentist is more frightening. In fact, being licked by a little puppy is more terrifying than this. You will stretch, yawn, look around and at your watch, but the movie just doesn’t seem to end. A good horror film relies on its sound effects and visuals to get a good scare going, but here you are left wanting more. There isn’t a single moment where you will catch your breath. All in all, they try but the film just doesn’t deliver.

Why should you watch this film?
You could watch this film if you have some time to kill. Or maybe it could be your test of patience. You can also catch this movie with your friends and have a hearty laugh at all the little things that go wrong. In the end, you will heave a sigh of relief and marvel at how you just went through a thoroughly dull “horror” film.

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