Verdict: A decent amalgamation of superhero movies with a desi tadka.

With Balaji Motion Picture's A Flying Jatt, Bollywood has finally got its third popular superhero movie after Krrish and Ra.One and it's not a let down at all. Directed by choreographer-turned-director Remo, the film stars Tiger Shroff as the Flying Jatt, Jacqueline as his lady love and Nathan Jones plays the antagonist.
The story starts with Kay Kay Menon (Malhotra), a rich industrialist wanting to build a bridge over the sea for which he needs the land that is owned by Aman Dhillon (Tiger Shroff), a martial arts teacher in a school and his alcoholic mother (Amrita Singh), referred to as Bebe. Malhotra's pollution causing factories and a holy tree that takes shelter on the land are enough reasons for Bebe to not sell the land to him. Desperate to expand his business, Malhotra then hires the dangerous Raka to take matters in his hands. Just when Raka is about to kill Aman and chop the tree off, it grants him with special powers that help him defeat Raka with ease (but not for long).

The Flying Jatt - BookMyShowSuperhero Aman, now referred to as a Flying Jatt, takes the responsibility of protecting his city from all the evil happenings and meanwhile, also manages to woo Kirti (Jacqueline Fernandez) who is just about madly in love with him as he is with her. Everything seems to be going okay until the re-entry of the powerful Raka, who has managed to get his strength from pollution, which weakens Flying Jatt. What happens next is a series of fights between the good and evil and an initiative to protect the country from pollution, which is giving Raka more strength to cause destruction around him.
The first half of the 151-minute movie will manage to tickle your funny bones and keep your entertained with decent humor, with Aman trying to get into the superhero skin. In the second half, though, you may see the story taking a predictable path.
What makes the movie enjoyable is the performances from the actors. Amrita Singh easily qualifies for the Mom Of the Year award, as she tries to teach her son how to act like a superhero. Relatable scenes inspired by movies like Mohabbatein, Krrish and X-Men manage to entertain you all the way till the end and not to forget the praiseworthy chemistry between Tiger and Jacqueline.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Apart from the story, the movie surprises you with extremely good music. You will not be able to stop yourself from tapping your feet (special mention of Beat Pe Booty). The songs are shot at breathtaking locations, which give an extremely magical touch to the movie. Also, Jacqueline's geeky style and a Shraddha Kapoor cameo are the cherries on the cake.